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Green Theme Charity Posters

Green Theme Charity Posters

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Enhance your charities' presence offline with these three unique Charity posters in A4. Spread your message far and wide, whether it's at community events, as a tool for your fundraisers, or within your own organisation. With these Canva design templates are yours to customise as you wish - easily updating text, photos, colours to ensure the templates remain consistent with your own branding.  

Upon purchasing this product, you will receive a PDF with a link to the Canva templates. Each PDF comes with a short video tutorial to take you through the basics of customising your templates. 

Please note, some templates include pro images. As a charity, you can apply for Canva pro for free ( If you don't have Canva Pro, it's really easy to switch out images for new selections. 

Order your poster templates today and watch your campaigns come to life!

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